A Sense of Wonder: a solo installation of fused glass landscape "paintings"
I am pleased to present a new body of work created specifically for the space;
influenced by plien air oil paintings of the early 20th century and antique hand-tinted postcards

Lone Tree, 2008 11" x 14"

  As part of "Glass in the Gorge," a yearly event sponsored by the Oregon Glass Guild's Columbia Gorge Chapter, I was asked to team up with a non-profit agency -- the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute -- to display work in their offices in historic downtown Hood River, Oregon.

The location presented a challenge: there was very little empty wall or display shelf space... just two very large glass picture windows in the front, facing the street. The idea developed: hang the work in the windows, with equal sized fused glass "paintings" back to back; that way, half of the work would be on display from the outside (day and night) and the other half would be facing indoors for the Institute's staff and visitors to enjoy.

All work is available for purchase, with 25% of the proceeds benefitting the Institute.


Partial view from inside,
showing "paintings" suspended
in the windows with wire.


Loon Lake, 2008 11" x 14"



Wahkeena Falls, 2008 12" x 18"



Hillside Vineyard, 2008 11" x 14"